MANO MANO SUBTIL Fairtrade Organic - Bolivia (x10)

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The first bio-compostable capsules on the North American market, the Mano-Mano Subtil presents a velvety softness for a moment of assured pleasure. Organic and fairtrade coffee. Bolivia is a country of mountains and humid forests, and astonishing biodiversity. 8,000 small coffee producers live in the Yungas, a tropical region where the Andes meet the Amazon. Here, along the steep slopes, cultivation is vertical but in fertile soil, which gives very fruity and high quality coffees. Its strong point: its soft Ethiopian origin for a comforting moment. What makes it unique: A velvety flavor with subtle grilled almond notes. The Mano Mano Subtil is available with the Nespresso® OriginalLine. 100% Compatible Capsules.

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MANO MANO SUBTIL Fairtrade Organic - Bolivia (x10)
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