Earn money with your own pop-up shop.

Create unique personal shopping experiences in your community, and earn extra money selling products by brands people love.

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How it Works

You buy a product for a low wholesale price, sell it retail to people around you and make a profit.

Sell from home or other favorite place

Each trunkshop has a story

I love T.Lees Soap Co! it’s a quality handmade brand built by an inspiring entrepreneur. To earn money selling her products is awesome!

We launched out own Trunkshop on campus and funded our trip to Paris in one semester. 

Having my own pop up shop gives me the freedom to earn extra cash, and fund the life I want to live. 

Why you’ll love trunkshop

Extra income

Use the extra income to gain financial freedom and fund the life you want.


You decide when, where and how you want to open your Trunkshop. 


It’s about selling products and brands you're passionate about.


On Trunkshop, you become part of a team of driven entrepreneurs as you build new relationships in your community.

Your own shop made easy.

Trunkshop's mission is to help make business easy and accessible for everyone. 

Get everything to get started, for free.

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